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Are you an aspiring service provider or coach?

Have you had a lot of engagement from peers but hearing *crickets* regarding potential clients?

And when you do have calls with potential clients, do you keep hearing they "can't afford your prices?"

Curious to learn and implement effective marketing and branding strategies to draw high ticket/paying clients to your doorstep?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions -- the Customer Journey Through Sales Masterclass Bundle is for YOU!

Did you know that there are five stages in the customer journey, that guide potential clients from an initial impression to making a purchase?

You have approximately 7 seconds to attract a client when they first land on your IG page...

And it's all about using *sales psychology* to your advantage as an online business owner to convert them!

Are you *tracking your relationships* with potential clients to learn how to best serve them?

Do you have a *diversified product suite* your ideal customer can shop from?

How is your *clear path to checkout* set up?

These are all things covered in the Customer Journey Through Sales Masterclasses!

The Customer Journey Through Sales Masterclass Bundle includes five monthly masterclasses, hosted the first Wednesday of each month, October '21 - February '22. Each masterclass will take you through one of the five stages of the customer journey through sales.

Increase your visibility in the online space!

Connect with more buying customers!

Seal the deal on your sales!

Sick and tired of being confused with your results?

Feel like something is missing in your marketing?

The Customer Journey Through Sales Masterclass Bundle is for YOU!

The Customer Journey Through Sales Bundle includes the following masterclasses:

Initial Impressions

Client Discovery

Products & Customization

Closing the Sale

The Client Experience

Contact Information


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